Our Businesses

Kuldhara has always kept the well being of the individual as the centre of its activities. Be it skill development and training, or financing potential entrepreneurs, or changing the environmental contexts around, Kuldhara has aided in creating productive, creative and meaningful lives, through its allied organizations- IIRD, Arth Finance, Kuldhra Credit Co-operative Society and Kuldhara Foundation.

Each organization has worked to the fullest of its potential to nurture and develop human potential in keeping with the conceived principles. The intent is to make real the ideas of society consisting of free and equal citizens who are able to come together and solve the problems that affect them in their particular contexts. Deep knowledge and thought leadership within these competencies has come from deliberate investments over time, and has forged a strong competitive advantage we can share with our customers.

Kuldhara has an expertise in a number of areas- entrepreneurship, financing, skill development, livelihood generation, water, natural resources, health, nutrition, education, - a skill that can help businesses to become people friendly and environment friendly, that positively enhances our operations, supply chain, and impact in the marketplace, along with a long history of working nationally on these issues.

With a cumulative turnover of over 100 crores, Kuldhara’s businesses are centered around:

  • Consultancy for Agro- Business related activities
  • Agro- based Origination and Processing Industries
  • Finance and Micro Credit
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Small Scale Business Training and Capacity Building
  • Infrastructure Development
  • CSR initiatives and Community Development through Health, Education and allied services

Consultancy for Agro- Business and Industries

Kuldhara has provided consultancy, training and information unit that advises and supports rural beneficiaries-cum-entrepreneurs in their initial or expansive entry into the business realm.

By providing a cohesive and integrated package of basic inputs like information, motivation, training and credit, backed by appropriate technology and market linkages for the purpose of enterprise promotion, Kuldhara has made great strides in generating employment for the rural people.

Our business interventions include:

  • Orange Processing
  • Soya Processing
  • Incense Making
  • Goatery, Poultry and Dairy
  • Garment sector including, Hand block Printing, Weaving, Tailoring, Embroidery
  • Hand based works such as Furniture making, Pottery Products, Accessory and Lifestyle products
  • Service industry , including restaurants, fast food stalls, automobile repairing, vegetable and fruit vending etc.


The microfinance and insurance wing of Kuldhara, ARTH Finance, enables the downtrodden to reduce their economic vulnerabilities by helping build assets, increase incomes and smooth consumption levels and significantly reduce the need to sell assets to meet basic needs.

Besides, at Kuldhra Credit Co-operative Society, the emphasis is on social entrepreneurship- that shares economic prosperity with economically & socially challenged communities. Providing credit support to potential entrepreneurs to initiate enterprises and further provide them equal opportunities and grow as a responsible citizen to contribute in growth of their family, society and country.

Deposit and Investment

At Kul Credit, we encourage individuals, organizations, institutions, et al, to invest a minimum sum of amount, of which all 100% goes directly towards funding loans for its stakeholders to become self reliant entrepreneurs, at a nominal interest for a minimum period of a year. Any kind of investment with Kul Credit assures returns in terms of interest, and a satisfaction of supporting and bringing the change to a family.

Capacity Building, Training and Entrepreneurship

Creation and supporting self-employment opportunities and encouraging business activities by capacity building, lowering risks, identifying and enhancing opportunities, developing partnerships and linkages, facilitating market integration, has been the model to develop the latent potentials in the passion for innovation and creating substantial new enterprise, and to complement, support, and create new business models for the delivery of public goods and services.

Infrastructure Development

In a bid to promote sustainable agriculture and creating a more sustainable food production system that allows for optimal use of nature’s goods without damaging the environment, Kuldhara’s projects related to water management, lift irrigation, vermicomposting and waste management, micro watershed management and forest regeneration with local (tribal community) initiatives, enhances the economic livelihood base and poverty reduction of the local people by enabling them to plan and implement natural resource management, to mobilize necessary resources for village development activities.

Community Development

Community development at Kuldhara is a process designed to create conditions of economic and social progress for the whole community with its active participation and the fullest possible reliance upon the community’s initiative. It includes physical improvements such as roads, housing, irrigation, drainage and better farming practices, functional activities such as health, education and recreation and community action involving group discussion, community analysis of local needs, the setting up of committees, seeking of needed technical assistance and the selection and training of selected personnel.